A fanfiction created by CrAsh.



  • Yasmine Fields (Junior; 16): Yasmine comes from a very pressuring and abusive household. Her parents don't care for her and treat her like shit. She has a huge enemy, the popular girl, Katie. She's unpopular and doesn't have many friends, but she has a huge crush on the new hot guy, Scott.
  • Tori Nash (Junior; 17): She's Delia's best friend who's struggling with her sexuality. She comes off bitchy, but is really nice once you get to know her.
  • Annie Granger (Junior; 17): She's the popular, nice and secret nerd who is in a bad relationship with Derek. She's very opinionted and bubbly.
  • Scott Moreno (Junior; 17): Scott's the popular new guy that everyone wants to sleep with. Although everyone sees him as hot, he wants to be known as more than the hot guy, and will go to extreme lengths to prove he's not some perfect hottie.
  • Nick Edwards (Senior; 18): Nick is the father of Alaura. He and Sarah had a short fling, but after learning she was pregnant, he turned to alcohol to solve his problems.
  • CJ Saunders (Junior; 15): The smartest guy in the school. He skipped a grade and is best friends with Cam.
  • Sarah Martin (Junior; 17): She had a kid at 14, and now has to juggle school and her baby.
  • Xavier Edwards (40): Xavier is the cool single dad looking for love. He's very nice and fun, and sees Nick as an equal.


  • Cece Moreno (Freshman; 15): Cece is Sarah's younger sister, who's kind and nice to everyone. She gets bullied by Katie.
  • Alaura Martin (3): Alaura is Nick and Sarah's cute daughter who loves ducks.
  • Katie Scott (Junior; 16): Katie is the preppy mean cheerleader who only cares about herself. Despite all of this, deep down she is a good person.
  • Delia Delonge (Sophomore; 16): Delia is the hilarious best friend of Tori, and questioning her sexuality, but is in a relationship with Scott.
  • Kendra Fitch (8th Grade; 14): Kendra's the very odd and unique sister of Delia, who comes off as annoying.
  • Derek Vaughn (Junior; 16): He's Scott's new best friend, and the only person who doesn't want Scott just for sex. They form a very close friendship, but Derek develops a crush on Scott.
  • Cam Everett (Junior; 17): He's the most popular nice guy in school. He has a bunch of friends, but has self-esteem issues.
  • Kelly Odair (Junior; 16): Kelly is one of Cam's friends from a different school, who later transfers to St. Judes.
  • Lizzy Grimes (Junior; 16): Kelly's best friend struggling with suicidal thoughts. She also transfers to St. Judes eventually.
  • Catie Styles (Teacher; 33): She's the new English teacher, who's nice, but has a huge problem in her life.