The Wiki Club is a fanfiction loosely based off of the show Pretty Little Liars. It features 17 wikians who's secrets and lives are at stake and the first episode premiered on January 25, 2014. It is written by BeMySomeone.

Plot SummaryEdit


The wikians on the Degrassi Wiki start to receive strange anonymous messages from a new account. It sends them a link to a wiki where they are personified as characters in a high school fanfiction. They soon learn that whoever is writing this fanfiction is threatening to reveal their deadliest secrets to the world. As the fanfiction becomes more and more popular, they realize whoever this anon is means serious business. They decide to band together to keep all their secrets safe. But who can be trusted? Who is this anon that calls themself "Me"? What are their motives when they continue to stalk and harrass the wikians? There are more questions than answers, but these wikians are banding together to figure it all out, one way or another. Welcome to The Wiki Club.


Yasmine (1/1)

Katie (1/1)

Kaylin (1/1)

Catie (1/1)

Tori (1/1)

Dani (1/1)

Sarah (1/1)

Jake (1/1)

Simplicity (1/1)

Annie (1/1)

Dave (1/1)

Scottie (1/1)

Ash (1/1)

Xavier (1/1)

Cam (1/1)

Matt (1/1)

CJ (1/1)